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The Board of Review hears appeals on classification, hardship and valuation.

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The bulk of appeals are on valuation. If you are appealing on poverty, documentation and the completion of an application will be required. The taxpayer must give evidence that the assessment is incorrect. Board of Review must review all evidence presented which must show good reasons to alter an assessment. Actual sale price is not true cash value.

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The law defines True Cash Value as the usual selling price of a property. The Legislature and the Courts have very clearly stated that the actual selling price of a property is not a controlling factor in the True Cash Value or State Equalized Value as calculated by the Assessor.

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For example, if you purchase a property in , the Taxable Value in will be the same as the SEV. The Taxable Value will then be capped again in the second year following transfer of ownership. Undisclosed sales are not exempt from filing the L transfer of ownership form.

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If you own and occupy your home as your principal residence, it may be exempt from a portion of local school operating taxes. If you wish to claim an exemption for the current year, a Principal Residence Exemption Affidavit Form must be completed and filed prior to June 1 for the summer tax levy. If the property is purchased between June 2 and November 1, an exemption can be filed by November 1 for the winter tax levy. In addition, if you currently have a Principal Residence Exemption on your property and you no longer own or occupy the property as your primary residence, you must rescind the Principal Residence Exemption within 90 days of the final occupancy.

Conditional Rescission of Principal Residence Exemption. The conditional rescission allows an owner to receive a PRE on his or her new property and on previously exempted property simultaneously if certain criteria are met. An owner may receive the PRE on the previous principal residence for up to three years if that property is not occupied, is for sale, is not leased, and is not used for any business or commercial purpose.

The Board of Review has no authority with regard to a conditional rescission and cannot institute a conditional rescission on behalf of an owner if a deadline is missed or for previous tax years. An owner must annually submit Form on or before December 31 to verify to the assessor that the property for which the PRE is retained is not occupied, is for sale, is not leased, and is not used for any business or commercial purpose. The Board of Review will not give the decision on the appeal at the time of the hearing.

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The decision will be mailed out within six weeks of the close of the March Board of Review session. Property Transfers.

Payment information is updated daily. Taxpayers may also pay delinquent real property taxes on this website by using our quick, convenient and secure online payment feature. As a convenience to taxpayers two electronic payment options are available: Electronic debit to a checking or savings account ACH.

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Payments made using this service are at no cost to the taxpayer. Please be aware that we can accept funds originating only from a United States bank.

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