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View the index. Download our land records research guides to get started researching land records in Oklahoma. View a PDF of the map. This microfilm collection offers information about homesteaders in Oklahoma Territory from to These seventy-two volumes include a physical description of the homestead, the amount of land, date and place of original registration, and the date of the final certificate. The Tract Books are arranged by township and range, not by surname.

Researchers must include the individual's name and the county in which they received land. Use the express order form to order by mail. If you wish to order by phone call ; please have your credit card ready. The following county directories contain either legal land descriptions section, township, range or provide the name of the township in which the person resides. The Oklahoma Territory Census and the Oklahoma Census often indicate the township in which a person lived at the time of the census. In some offices, you can search by a range of addresses, e.

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Most searches will not recognize the street type, such as Ave. The parcel number. This number might be on the deed or another document and is often the most effective way to search. Keep in mind that some addresses may have more than one parcel. Search for tax records.

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You might be able to search a computer or you might need to look in books. Ask someone at the office to help you find what you are looking for.

Data provided by Lisa Melchior, Mayes County Assessor.

Since property tax records are public, staff should be willing to help. The county website may not allow you to search using the owner's name. If you find the property, though, the owner's name will generally appear in the record, allowing you to verify that you have the correct property.

If you know the street name but not the property's street numbers, you may still be able to search by inputting the street name and looking through the resulting records until you find the corresponding owner's name. Review the information contained in the record. The property tax record should contain the total tax assessed, the assessed value of the land and any buildings, and any exemptions. The tax record may change if a sale is significantly higher than the last sold value.

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It may also change if the tax is being reduced due to entitled classes of people who own the property, such as senior citizens or a disabled individual. Method 2. Identify the county where the land is located. In the Unites States, deeds are recorded in county offices, so you first need to identify the county where the property is located. Find out the name of the owner.

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Visit the appropriate county office. Deeds are kept in the county Recorder of Deeds office. This office might go by another name, such as Register of Deeds or Commissioner of Deeds. Find the appropriate office by looking in your phone book or stopping into your county or city office. Ask where you need to go. Many counties now provide their records online. Search for the deed. There might be computers located at the office. However, other offices will tell you what book and page the deed appears in.

You then have to go through the leather-bound volumes to find the deed. Ask staff how you can get a copy of the deed. The amount will vary by office. Review the deed. The Assessor is responsible to the citizens of Caddo Parish for ensuring all property is assessed in a fair and equitable manner to the property owners.

At the same time, the Assessor is responsible that the assessments are done according to the Constitution of the State of Louisiana and the Revised Statutes that are passed by the Legislature. The Assessor is responsible for filing the Tax Roll annually with the Louisiana Tax Commission on which all the property taxes are based.

The Assessor must also maintain the property maps for each piece of Real Estate, maintain the legal description of each property parcel, as well as maintain the ownership inventory of each parcel. The Caddo Parish Tax Collector, which is the Caddo Parish Sheriff, is responsible for sending tax bills and collecting taxes based on the assessments and the millage rates. The annual parish tax bills are sent out in November and are due by December 31 of that year.

Each municipality within the parish is responsible for sending tax bills and collecting taxes based on the assessments and the millage rates for that municipality.

How-To Research A Property (For Liens, Mortgages, Easements, etc)

The city sets these millage rates or tax rates. The different governing bodies within the parish set millage rates for the parish. Also there may be additional millages set for the individual Fire Districts, Water Districts, etc. We have made some new exciting upgrades to the free public search.

Payne County Oklahoma Assessor's Office

Our constituents can now search by owner name, Section-Township-Range, and subdivision. You can also view the property on GIS maps. Real estate professionals who need value-added options and more powerful database query options will come to rely on the professional search. It has been said it changes the way people do business.

And as a parish-sponsored program, we are glad to provide this product. The map viewer incorporates a point-and-click application blended with parcel boundary layers. This Interactive Mapping tool will let subscribers visualize the property on a map, view the parcel boundary lines and approximate dimensions, and then link the parcel with its real property record card.

Add history cards to your subscription with the History Card Search, which will enable you to search across three different sets of criteria. The results will allow you to look at all the images associated with a subdivision in a single book or you may browse through different pages that are associated with that subdivision. PDF versions of the history cards can be viewed, printed or saved to your hard drive.

If your needs are short-term, the Day Pass option allows you access to the real property professional search as well as the Business Personal Property search.