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After a wait of about 5 months a very large package arrived with Uncle Clare's complete military file. I estimate there are about 80 or more pages. There was a lot of interesting information in the military file for Uncle Clare - such as details of his work history prior to enlisting. It include what he was paid! I wish my dad's files had been as complete. I am really pleased to have some more details to add to my knowledge of my uncle. I knew him quite well but he never spoke of his military service or his early years. I suppose I was too young for him to think I'd be interested.

But I'm really enjoying reading through his files to find out where he went during the war to England and France and what he saw and did during that difficult time. For more information on finding ancestors who were in the Canadian Military during other years you might want to check out The Canadian Military Project.

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For WW1 personnel files you will be able to view these online very soon. Since , Legion Magazine has honoured those Canadians who have served their country by publishing in print short death notices for Royal Canadian Legion members with military backgrounds, Canadian war veterans and Legion members with police service.

The seven Books of Remembrance housed in the Memorial Chamber in the Peace Tower of the Canadian Parliament Buildings in Ottawa are illuminated manuscript volumes recording the names of members of the Canadian Forces and Canadian Merchant Navy killed on active service in wartime, and in other conflicts. Once you find your relative's name, you can view the actual page and you can also find out the exact date when that page will be displayed in the Peace Tower.

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The type of personnel documents that are available online are outlined at:. The Privacy Act provides the protocols that govern the public's access the documents. As guidelines, for example:. When requesting such information, National Archives requires that you provide the Proof of Death. If you are uncertain of a Date of Death, there are a couple of sites In addition to the to the Ancestry.

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If the individual died during war, he will most likely be listed on the site :. If the individual was a member of the Royal Canadian Legion, his death may be listed at the site:. For most requests for information on a family member, National Archives will provide what they refer to as their "Genealogy Package. Depending on the backlog at the time it may take several months to receive this information.

If you want more information than is included in the "Genealogy Package," be prepared to wait sometime as screening a set of Military Records for Third Party information requires some additional effort. The Service Record will note all postings, promotions and other significant personnel activities. The only exception is the files for those who died during the war.

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For the same reason, the database and indexes that are used to identify the files cannot be made available on our Web site. Only staff may access them; therefore there is no online database available. Please read the sections below on Considerations and Access Restrictions before submitting an application. Complete and include relevant details you are seeking on the application form. You can fill in the form before or after you print it. Application for military service files of former members of the Canadian Armed Forces after PDF Version Kb.

Priority service is given to people who require documentation to prove that they qualify for pensions, allowances, claims and other benefits, therefore, these types of requests should be clearly identified. For projects involving research in a large number of files, the request will be assessed by our staff to determine if current resources can accommodate such an extensive commitment.