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Some institutions have a kiosk in the lobby of the prison that you can also use to deposit funds. There is a fee associated with sending the funds online that varies depending on the amount you are sending. The fee amount will depend on how much you are sending. For more information on sending funds to an inmate, read our guide here.


Inmates are allowed to make outgoing collect calls only. At no time can you make an incoming call to an inmate.

Calls may be recorded and monitored with the exception of phone calls between an attorney and their client. In any of these instances you can call the institution and speak with the appropriate staff member, usually the chaplains office, and explain the circumstances as well as give them numbers to contact and verify the situation. Once the emergency has been verified the inmate will be allowed to call you. You may be able to drastically reduce your inmate phone bill by setting up your account with a number local to the facility.

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Find My Magistrate. Open Records Request. Anyone who applies to become a correctional officer in Kentucky must be a high school graduate, or equivalent. No experience is required for potential corrections officers in Kentucky.

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All who wish to become correctional officers in the commonwealth of Kentucky must be at least 21 years old. Additionally, correctional officers in Kentucky must possess the physical agility to perform the duties of the job — that is, they must be able to run, bend, lift, and secure an inmate.

Interested candidates for corrections officer jobs in Kentucky may search and apply at the Kentucky Personnel Cabinet website. Those whose qualifications meet the standards will be placed on a register of eligible candidates and may be contacted as positions become available in the counties in which the applicant specified a desire to work as a correctional officer. Selected candidates from the Kentucky correctional officer register may be contacted to interview with the Kentucky Department of Corrections. Those who pass the interview are subject to a full background check, psychological evaluation, physical examination, and drug test prior to hire.

New federal correctional officers receive 80 hours of orientation at their assigned facility which includes introduction to facility operations and prison population.

Officers will receive training in firearms, bus operations, witness security and self-defense. In following years, officers must receive at least 16 hours of training annually. All new corrections officers in Kentucky must complete hours of training in two phases.

Phase I of training orientation and computer-based training is conducted at the job location, and Phase 2 at one of the following Kentucky Department of Corrections training centers:. At least 40 continuing education training hours must be completed annually in order to keep corrections officer jobs in Kentucky. They must also re-qualify to keep using firearms on the job. Just one Kentucky Death Row inmate is female. Kentucky could soon overturn its death penalty, however, as the Kentucky Commission on Human Rights, state representatives and state prosecutors have recommended its abolition.

If overturned, those currently with a death sentence would likely receive a life sentence without the possibility of parole. In , the average Kentucky correctional officer salary was reported by the U. The following correctional officer salaries are provided by the Kentucky Department of Corrections:. Those interested in corrections careers in the Lexington area have 11 state and federal facilities within commuting distance to choose from. Kentucky is currently planning to build a new prison in the area to alleviate overcrowding at the facilities near Lexington, a move that will bring additional jobs in corrections to the region.

Candidates hired into corrections positions will first have to navigate their way through an application process and then complete an intensive training program.