How to change name on birth certificate in new york

The courts will also ask about your criminal record and financial status.

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Publication: Once the court grants your petition, you must publish the name change in a local paper unless you receive a special exemption from the court because publishing it would put you in danger. It should look like this:. If you have questions about changing your name and you live in New York City , call The Family Center at ext.

Attorney advertising. The registrar shall make a copy of the new certificate for the local record and hold the contents of the original local record confidential along with all papers and copies pertaining thereto.

HOW TO: Change Your Name & Gender (Birth Certificate)

It shall not be released or otherwise divulged except by order of a court of competent jurisdiction. The commissioner may make a microfilm or other suitable copy of the original certificate of birth and all papers pertaining to the new certificate of birth.

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In such event, the original certificate and papers may be destroyed. Learn how to change the name of an adult or a child.

Find instructions and court forms. Name Change Basics Get started with your name change or a child's name change. Privacy and Name Change All name changes are public records. Learn how to keep a name change private.